Pricing & FAQs


Find out what over already 6,000 US firms already know. Become an AICPA Firm Global Connection subscribing firm today!

Sole Practitioners

$195 / Yearly

One Accountant / CPA

Small Firms

$295 / Yearly

2-10 Accountants / CPAs

Medium Firms

$595 / Yearly

11-20 Accountants / CPAs

Large Firms

$895 / Yearly

21+ Accountants / CPAs


Q.What are the subscription requirements for AICPA Firm Global Connection?

A.AICPA Firm Global Connection is a firm subscription for non US accounting firms. As a result, non US accounting firms in good standing are eligible to sign-up.

Q.Can my firm join if there is no CPA?

A.Yes. All non US accounting firms in good standing (with or without CPAs) are eligible to subscribe to AICPA Firm Global Connection. Next step, fill out an online application by clicking on the subscribe button!

Q.How does it work?

A.Once registered, we will send you a link for you to complete the transaction and submit payment, followed by a username and passcode that will grant you access to exclusive content and benefits. We recommend that you share the resources with some key individuals in your firm in charge of the business development, marketing, HR functions.

Q.Does it make me a CPA?

A.No, the AICPA does not administer CPA Licenses. In addition, licensing is at the individual level and this offering is at the firm level.