The following online publications are among the many benefits to AICPA Firm Global Connection membership. They cover news, topics and developments related to practicing CPAs in firms of varying sizes. Here you’ll find news and articles on best practices in firm practice management, as well as developments in accounting, auditing, compilation/review, ethics standards and more.

Practicing CPA Feature Focus: Keep Calm and Carry On

The feature focus article in the January issue of The Practicing CPA e-newsletter provides tips for the 2016 busy season. The article provides ideas on how to keep calm during busy season stress and highlights solutions to common busy season mistakes.  The article also highlights the PCPS Busy Season Calendar, the Tax Practitioners Toolkit, 1040 Tax Return Status Updates, Identity Theft Resources, the PCPS Exploring SSARS No. 21 Toolkit, and the Practitioners Symposium and Tech+ Conference.

Firm Size: Sole Practitioners, Small Firms, Medium Firms, Large Firms

Strategically Optimizing Information Technology in Today’s CPA Firm

Accounting firms are amongst the most complex business entities from an IT perspective as their individual departments require unique applications and equipment to optimize each department’s production processes. The average accounting firm utilizes more than sixty applications that are constantly being updated on a wide variety of workstations, ranging from multi-monitor tax desktops to mobile workstations designed for auditors and remote consultants....

Firm Size: Sole Practitioners, Small Firms, Medium Firms, Large Firms

Absolutely Awesome Apps!

Smartphones and tablets have become standard tools utilized within accounting firms and while major accounting applications are adding mobile functionality to their tax, audit and accounting tools, there are a large amount of applications that make CPAs more productive in their day to day office work and when they are on the road. Below are...

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The New Reality of Succession Planning

“Why do I need succession planning?
I’m very alert. I’m very vibrant. I have no intention to retire.”
- Sheldon Adelson

Yes, it is a bit daunting to be sharing the latest succession planning news with such an illustrious group of planners. For starters, you totally understand...

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Updating Your Home Office Technology

CPAs were among the earliest adopters of home offices and remote work as many would drag home their tax files and audit binders to review at the kitchen table after the kids went to bed. This led to many accountants formalizing their remote work environment by setting up home office workspaces so they could work more efficiently. The advent of...

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Malicious Malware and Methods to Mitigate the Risk

The greatest strength of the internet is also its greatest weakness. Sitting at a keyboard, you can quickly access vast and valuable resources which are available at your fingertips. However, unless you are very careful, malware may tag along for the ride. Consider this scenario:

You are at work perusing email and...

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IT Corner

These short articles, authored by Roman H. Kepczyk, CPA.CITP are filled with quick tips and helpful advice to help firms optimize internal production processes within their tax, audit, client services and administrative areas.

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AICPA Firm Global Connection Series: Becoming a Trusted Client Adviser

No matter your level in the firm, you can become a strategic partner to your clients by translating day-to-day client challenges into consulting opportunities. Join Jacquelyn Tracy, Partner at Mandel & Tracy, LLC, for this hour-long tour of the AICPA Firm Global Connection and its Trusted Client Adviser Centre. This webinar will showcase the process and existing tools that you could use today to assist you in transforming your client service and growing your practice.

Firm Size: Sole Practitioners, Small Firms, Medium Firms, Large Firms

Why Tax Season Is My Favorite Time of Year

I’ve practiced public accounting for over 30 years. I was a tax partner in a regional firm before launching my own boutique tax practice in Santa Fe, N.M. a few years ago.

Tax season is when I have the most contact with my clients. I love learning about what they’re doing and helping them find the best solutions to their concerns. We...

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Firm Size: Sole Practitioners

Health Wars: The Dark Side of Busy Season

The advent of busy season draws many of us towards the dark side of long hours sitting at our desks, craving and eating unhealthy foods, drinking way too much caffeine, and passing by regular exercise opportunities because we “promised to finish one more project before going home.” While we can seldom do much about the number of work hours...

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AICPA Firm Global Connection Series: Staffing Solutions

Recruiting and retaining quality staff is key to firm success. In this 60-minute webinar, Cheryl Burke, Partner and COO at DiCicco, Gulman & Company LLP, will share best practices and guide you through how to use the tools and information in the Human Capital Centre to help you attract and retain top-quality talent, boost morale and find solutions to your top HR issues.

Firm Size: Sole Practitioners, Small Firms, Medium Firms, Large Firms

Tax Season and Cupcakes

What do tax season and cupcakes have in common? Not much according to my life experience! Over the course of my 33 years in our firm, I’ve raised three kids and they always knew that Mommy didn’t make cupcakes from January 1 to April 15. But cupcakes were a priority once the last return was filed.

Now my children are grown and I’m the...

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Firm Size: Small Firms

2016 CES Trends Point to Future Possibilities for CPAs

CES is the largest consumer electronics show held with 3,800 vendors from around the world descending upon Las Vegas each January to pitch the coolest gadgets and deliver the latest product announcements for home, automotive, robot and fitness technology. Many product trends are first proven in the consumer market and then evolve to find their...

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AICPA Firm Global Connection Series: Unleash Your Firm’s Potential

A top priority for firms is to grow and maintain a thriving practice in this evolving economy. Join Bill Pirolli, Partner at DiSanto, Priest & Co., as he guides you through the Practice Growth and Client Acquisition Centre, showing you how to utilize powerful customizable tools and sharing best practices and practical tips that are designed to help you win, keep and grow your clients.

Firm Size: Sole Practitioners, Small Firms, Medium Firms, Large Firms

Embed Business Development into Busy Season or Bust

I took over as managing partner of Brown Smith Wallace on January 1, 2016, after leading the firm’s audit practice for 10 years. We have three offices in the St. Louis area and a total head count of 280 and growing.

We serve private companies with traditional audit, accounting and tax services and provide many of the St. Louis area’s...

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Firm Size: Large Firms

Reconsider Social Media

The buzz about social media has been around for more than a decade, but there are still those that have not taken the leap for fear that it is too technical an endeavor or a waste of their time. The reality is that as our practices get more specialized and consultative, it becomes increasingly important to reach out to the specific types of...

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Firm Size: Sole Practitioners, Small Firms

Turn Up the Volume on Social Media

“We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it.”
- Erik Qualman

Like it or not, social media has become a mainstay on the professional landscape. The good news is social tools such as the firm’s website, Twitter feed, blog, Facebook page and...

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