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Shoes Key to Busy Season Success

My dad was a shoe salesman and entrepreneur. He taught my brothers and me how to sell shoes. I financed college selling shoes. My brothers did too. Then, unlike our dad, we became CPAs. Selling shoes taught us many things. We learned about problem solving and adapting to trends. Most importantly, we learned that it’s not really about shoes at...

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Firm Size: Medium Firms

Is Your Firm Getting Crushed by Workload Compression?

Workload compression: unfortunately, it’s a new reality in today’s firms. In this issue of Feature Focus, we are going to take a closer look at workload compression. We will start by highlighting key insights to help you gauge how your firm stacks up. Then offer proven strategies you and your colleagues can put to work in keeping it...

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Firm Size: Sole Practitioners, Small Firms, Medium Firms, Large Firms