Work/Life Flexibility

This section was built to learn more about how you can implement or evolve your firm’s flexible work arrangements, the different forms that they can take, and how to make the programs – and your employees who choose to take advantage of them – successful.


Discover what a flexible culture is, the different forms of flexibility, common myths debunked and what it takes to make a flexibility program successful.

Flexibility Toolkit Introduction

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Flexibility Program Guide

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Action Plan

Firms who are ready to institute the work/life flexibility program can use this short action plan as their back pocket guide throughout the implementation stage.

Flexibility Action Plan

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Create or enhance your firm’s flexibility policy and guidelines with these customizable toolkit components.

The Basics to Making Flexibility a Success

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What is a Flexible Culture?

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Create a Great Proposal

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Flexibility Fit Worksheet

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Flexibility Views Assessment

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Take a deeper dive into Work/Life Flexibility with these insightful articles.

Examples of Flexibility

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Myth versus Reality

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