Strategy & Planning

Because strategic planning is an essential practice for growth and sustainability, this section provides firms with a simple process and related tools to construct a one page strategic plan. This one page plan should act as the basis for all firm objectives, including the process of deriving recruiting and performance management goals.


The Guide to Strategic Planning is provided in two different formats. You can read the Guide providing background as you progress through the process or you can use a PowerPoint with video that is designed to be used by a facilitator during the actual strategic planning session. Please note that these files are large and may take time to download. It’s recommended that you save them to your desktop for faster use.

Strategic Planning Introduction

doc Download

Guide to Strategic Planning (with Video)

ppt Download

Guide to Strategic Planning (no Video)

pdf Download


Use these tools to complete the exercises included in the above Guide to Strategic Planning.

Forms for Guide to Strategic Planning

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Upside Down Budget Tool

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