Owner Development - Partner Accountability

When your firm has an accountable culture, truly valuing “count-on-ability,” your team members are able to trust each other’s words, commitments, and actions. Genuine accountability enables you to rely on your team members to follow through on commitments and do what’s necessary to ensure team success.This section provides an array of practical information and hands-on tools to help your firm face any partner accountability and unity concerns and maintain a thriving practice in this ever-changing economy.


Review and implement the learning guidance in this section to help you learn how to tie all of the related Partner Accountability pieces together.

Partner Accountability and Unity Guide

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Action Plan

Firms who are ready to institute the partner accountability program can use this short action plan as their back pocket guide throughout the implementation stage.

Partner Accountability and Unity Action Plan

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Make use of the practical tools provided in this section to help your firm reach partner unity and accountability.

Firm Professional Role Descriptions

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Goal Setting Worksheet

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Governance Grid Sample

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Leadership Attributes Assessment

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Ownership Assessment

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Performance Feedback Worksheet

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Trust Assessment

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