Drive Your Unique Value

Do your clients and prospects understand the unique value that your firm can offer? Does everyone in your firm recognize and articulate the value unique that your practice can provide? Want to discover what makes you and your firm valuable and different from other accounting professionals?

This online video workshop was developed from Leo Pusateri's book, You Are the Value: Define Your Worth, Differentiate Your Accounting Firm, Own Your Market. Use the videos and workbook in this section to pinpoint your firm’s culture and how to best communicate it to clients and staff.

  1. Launch the video program above and follow along in the workbook provided below.
  2. After the conclusion of (or throughout) the separate video modules, look at the applicable workbook section and answer the thought provoking questions - brainstorm and hold roundtable discussions.

When your firm goes through a structured process to examine how you add value and communicate that value to others, the results can be quite beneficial to your practice:

  • Provides enhanced team spirit and confidence to you and your colleagues.
  • Empowers professionals to understand that they themselves are the value they provide.
  • Helps your team realize when they have delivered great value to a client. And it helps them to articulate that value to others.
  • Changes how you and your colleagues talk with others about your firm.
  • Enables your team to talk specifically to referral sources about the types of business that you want versus talking in generalities. This can lead to better, more qualified leads.
  • Helps you gain a clearer picture of the types of clients that your firm should be serving.
  • Encourages the firm to reassess some of the clients who it is currently serving. Helps you to clarify your marketing and branding initiatives.
  • Strengthens your ability to win, keep and grow clients.
  • Helps increase your rates, billings and collections, while reducing write downs.


If you don't have time to complete the videos and corresponding You are the Value! workbook in its entirety, consider using The Value Ladder Exercise to walk through the seven steps that will guide you and your firm in the brainstorming process of creating a Unique Value Proposition (UVP).

YOU Are the Value

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Value Ladder Exercise

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