Develop Your Social Media Strategy

Like it or not, social media has made a significant impact on the way people buy. Today’s consumers want easy access to information so they can make more informed decisions when they are ready to buy. Practitioners must be closely tuned in to buyers’ needs so they can provide the information potential clients want, when they want it.

From the strategy, set-up and user guides to customizable action plans, there is everything you need to successfully command your social media presence.


Start your journey with this guide to get acquainted with all the tools in the Social Media Toolkit.

Social Media Matters

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Action Plan

This tool will help you to keep track of critical learning and implementation steps along the way.

Establishing a Social Media Presence Action Plan

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Use these tools to help you develop a social media strategy that is appropriate for your firm.

Social Media Basics

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Sample Social Media Policy and Guidelines

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Social Media Tools Comparison Table

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Guide to Blogging Set Up and Use

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Guide to Facebook Set Up and Use

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Guide to LinkedIn Set Up and Use

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Guide to Twitter Set Up and Use

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